You can order the water softeners SW1000 and SW2000 HERE – with just a few clicks and free shipping.

When can I expect the device to arrive?

Delivery to the office of the courier company or address specified by you is within three working days.

How to install SW1000 and SW2000 water softeners?

Installation of the SW1000 is quick, easy and does not require any special skills. Just take the device and attach it to the water pipe, 20-30 cm from the water meter – you can mount it both horizontally and vertically.
The same applies to the installation of the SW2000 water softener, suitable for larger pipes.

When will I notice the first results?

You can feel the difference in the taste of the water literally immediately after installation.

As for your home appliances, you will notice results after about 6 weeks.

When you install SW1000 or SW2000 softener, it first destroys all existing limescale build-up in your pipes. The device does this by using a magnetic field, which prevents calcium and magnesium salts from accumulating in layers.

You will notice that your appliances are working optimally after a period of 6 weeks when the process is complete.

Quality water softener at the lowest price? It is possible with us!

There are water softeners on the market worth hundreds of levs, which never manage to achieve the desired end result.

The softeners SW1000 and SW2000 are an unparalleled alternative in terms of price-quality ratio. Modern, innovative, environmentally friendly and budget-friendly – they prove that quality does not necessarily come at a cosmic price, and the results can be long-term.

The water softener, suitable for small and medium households, comes to you at the unique price of BGN 149, with free delivery included.

SW2000, in turn, is a suitable solution for offices and larger households with larger diameter pipes.

Order now and enjoy premium quality at an affordable price!