Water softeners SW1000 and SW2000

The best solution against limescale!

One-time investment at no extra cost!
10 year warranty

Water softeners
SW1000 and SW2000

The best solution against limescale!

One-time investment at no extra cost!

Get rid of limescale with SW1000 and SW2000 water softeners!

With the SW1000 and SW2000 magnetic water softeners you will feel a change in the taste of the water and within the next six weeks the scale deposits on your plumbing will be significantly reduced. Your home appliances will work flawlessly again and will consume significantly less electricity. Budget water softeners SW1000 and SW2000 are a one-time investment! The devices are not replaced with new ones. They work without filters and chemical additives! The results of the conducted tests on the effectiveness of SOFTWATER water softeners can be found HERE.


Delicious water, removal of limescale and protection against re-accumulation – now it’s fast, easy, efficient and environmentally friendly! 10 -year warranty.


The SW1000 and SW2000 are compact and budget-friendly, and take just a few minutes to install. Their magnetic fields prevent the build-up of limescale on water pipes, and running water will no longer leave annoying stains in your kitchen and bathroom.


You will save not only time and energy from cleaning, but also money – from electricity bills, from the purchase of specialized detergents, from the repair and replacement of electrical appliances destroyed by limescale.


Water softeners SW1000 and SW2000 prove that the decision to remove limescale from water should not be expensive and complicated. They are both precise and reliable – because we believe that compromises should not be made at the expense of quality. Made under a Swiss patent!


SW 1000 и SW2000

Gentle skin and hair care

The soft water is gentle on skin and hair. It will help you prevent both unpleasant skin problems and hard, tired and tormented hair.

Better taste of water

You will now be able to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee or tea with a better taste of water!

Reduction of household bills

In addition to extending the life of household appliances, the SW1000 and SW2000 water softeners help you save a lot of running costs. These include large quantities of detergents, descaling agents, electricity consumption and, of course, repair and replacement of descaling appliances.

Extended life of household appliances

SW1000 and SW2000 remove calcium ions and make water soft and pleasant. Extend the life of all plumbing, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles, boilers and irons. Limescale deposits on washed dishes, kitchen and bathroom are also reduced.

Environmentally friendly

The magnetic water softeners SW1000 and SW2000 are completely environmentally friendly. They are environmentally friendly with reduced carbon emissions, while using a safe and non-chemical method to remove scale. A good solution for health, the household, the budget and the planet.

Attractive price

We at Softwater don’t like small print. We work with clearly fixed prices, do not charge additional costs and do not enter into maintenance contracts. Simply because no maintenance is required – SW1000 and SW2000 are a one-time investment with no additional costs and support services.

Choose premium quality at a premium price!

The delivery is always free of charge, and you will be able to do the installation yourself in a few minutes!

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