Electric kettle and kettles are one of the most used appliances in the kitchen of the modern household. Their daily direct access to hard water is the reason for the accumulation of limestone deposits, which subsequently form a thick layer of scale. Various traditional methods for cleaning it are known: lemon juice, vinegar, chemicals for cleaning.

How to remove scale from the kettle / kettle?

Here are our 3 easy steps to descaling:

Step 1: Empty the kettle / kettle

The old water in the kettle / kettle should be discarded, then pour a new one by adding a cleaning agent (lemon juice, vinegar, chemical agent).

Step 2: Descaling

In order to effectively remove a stone stuck to the walls of the kettle / kettle, it is necessary to put the chosen chemical agent and let the water boil. When using descaling agent, heating is not necessary. The limestone dissolves after fifteen minutes

Step 3: Remove the cleaning agent

At this stage it is important to wash the last remnants of the cleaning mixture from the kettle / kettle. Clean the inside with a sponge or brush, along with dishwashing detergent. Rinse well to make sure the dish is completely clean and ready to use.

Frequently asked questions about descaling an electric kettle / kettle?

How does scale form?

Water contains a variety of minerals and salts in varying amounts. Calcium and magnesium salts in it form a solid precipitate when boiling. The more salts in the water, the faster the scale layer appears.

How often should I descale the kettle / kettle?

The recommended frequency for descaling is once every 12 weeks.

Is drinking lime water harmful?

No, drinking lime water is in no way harmful to human health. However, the accumulation of a thick layer of limestone can damage electrical appliances and reduce their operational efficiency.

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