The accumulation of limescale in the shower and mainly around the holes in the head can lead to their clogging. This often results in improper water distribution and subsequent mechanical damage to the shower head, as it may become unusable.

3 steps for descaling shower

Here are our 3 tips, following which will ensure you effectively deal with the problem of scale accumulated on the shower:

Step 1: Remove

Loosen the connection between the hose and the shower head. In the presence of layers of limestone, disassembly can be difficult, so it may be necessary to use pliers to loosen it. Do not use too much force: this can lead to breakage. If there is a lot of white lime on the joint, a faster way to loosen the shower head is by spraying a little WD-40 on the joint.

Step 2: Soak in vinegar

Fill the sink or bucket with water and add vinegar. The ideal ratio of water and vinegar is one part water and two parts vinegar. The shower head must be completely immersed. The shower should stay in the solution for 24 hours

Step 3: Rinse the shower head

Soaking easily dissolves limestone from the shower. Rinse the shower head with cold water and connect it to the hose. Take a short shower to rinse the last remnants of vinegar and lime from the head.

A few questions to remove scale from the shower head

Here are some frequently asked questions from users to remove scale from the shower head:

How do I remove a scale from a shower attached to the wall?

Showers that cannot be removed from their stand (those mounted on a wall) can be soaked in a solution of water and vinegar using a plastic bag. Get a plastic bag, pour the mixture into it and place it so that the shower head is soaked.

How to get rid of annoying limestone forever?

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