The limescale particles contained in the water used in the household require regular descaling of your Nespresso machine. To deal with this common problem, it is necessary to take targeted timely action that will ensure you work effectively and smoothly.

5 steps to descaling a Nespresso machine

Here are our 5 tips, following which will ensure you effectively deal with the problem of scale:

Step 1: Use descaling agent

Turn on the Nespresso machine and wait for the lights to stop flashing. Fill the tank with 500 ml of water and descaling agent. Place a bowl under the machine to absorb the water

Step 2: Remove the scale from the Nespresso machine

Press the buttons on your coffee machine at the same time for three seconds. Both lights will start flashing. The descaling program on your Nespresso has started. Press the large coffee cup (lungo) button to start rinsing.

Step 3: Restart the rinsing process

Your coffee machine continues to rinse until the water tank is empty. Refill the tank. Empty the bowl with which you collect water and place it back under the Nespresso machine. Restart the rinsing process by pressing the “lungo” button

Step 4: Clean Nespresso

Remove the water tank from the machine, rinse it with clean water and refill. Now use only water. Empty the bowl in which you collect the water. Replace the tank and bowl and rinse the machine again

Step 5: Descaling Menu

Your Nespresso machine has been descaled and completely clean again. To turn off the descaling menu, press both buttons simultaneously for three seconds. Your coffee machine is clean and ready to use

How to deal with overlays in your Nespresso machine once and for all?

Our 5 steps to remove scale are undoubtedly easy, but fighting scale requires perseverance and time that you can save.We offer you two particularly effective devices for combating scale at home – SW1000 and SW2000

They fight hard water in a unique way, preventing build-up in your Nespresso machine or any other appliance in the home. All appliances that have direct access to water in the home are potentially at risk of scale formation – shower head, water heater, washing machine, iron and many others. Solve this problem in general – by installing compact, but powerful and completely safe for health and nature devices to prevent the formation of limescale deposits SW1000 and SW2000.

Frequently asked questions when cleaning the Nespresso machine from limescale

Here are the three most frequently asked questions asked by users after cleaning the scale from a Nespresso machine:

My coffee tastes weird after removing scale. How is this possible?

Sometimes your coffee may taste a little bitter after descaling. Rinse your coffee machine again. Residual limescale may remain or the descaling agent may not be completely washed out.

Why does my Nespresso machine have scale?

If you do not use a water softener such as SW1000 and SW2000, your water is hard and prone to scale. Limestone particles cannot be seen in running water or when it is poured into a vessel, but they become visible when they accumulate in the form of a white deposit on household appliances. The harder the water, the more often you have to repeat the process of cleaning your Nespresso machine from scale.

How can I prevent scale build-up in my Nespresso?

Removing Nespresso scale is only a temporary solution and can be achieved if you follow our 5 cleaning steps above. If you want to prevent the build-up of scale, buying a water softener is the best solution. This device affects the limestone, preventing it from accumulating in quantities that are harmful to appliances.

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