The SW1000 and SW2000 prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium salts, which is the reason for the formation and retention of scale.

Excellent performances

The SW1000 and SW2000 are the only descaling devices on the market. The devices are designed using special Swiss technology, and the balanced arrangement of the magnets relative to each other guarantees the excellent operational efficiency of the device.

Compactness and power in one

Despite their compact housings, the SW1000 and SW2000 use durable and advanced technology, releasing a strong magnetic field. With a huge force of 0.117 Tesla = 1170 Gauss, the fields ensure that calcium and magnesium salts do not crystallize and a hard calcium layer does not form. These small but powerful devices can be installed in small spaces without the need for complex pipe repairs.

No loss of useful properties of water

The anti-scale devices SW1000 and SW2000 do not remove useful minerals from the water. Their function is to suppress the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, so that they do not settle and lead to the formation of scale. In this way, the limestone remains in the water without layering on household appliances, water pipes and white electrical appliances.

Impact of SW1000 and SW2000 on Tap water?

soft waterA number of studies have shown that water has the property of retaining microscopic particles of weakly bound water molecules. The complex of approximately 100 weakly bound water molecules ensures that microparticles cannot bind to calcium, which dissolves in water.

As a result, the limestone attaches to the inside of the pipes and heating elements. To dissolve this complex of water molecules, SW1000 and SW2000 produce a frequency that causes a disharmony in the internal frequency of the water molecule, which in turn releases microparticles. The released microparticle becomes the natural nucleus to which calcium can attach, creating typical round crystals in the process.

To achieve this effect, the magnetic field would have to be 100 million times stronger than usual to achieve the desired effect on water molecules. Other studies have shown that it is not so much the magnetic field as the relationship between the efficiency of several magnetic fields and the flow rate of water that is crucial for the effective treatment of calcium carbonate or limestone.

Are you looking for excellent solutions for dealing with scale? SW1000 and SW2000 are effective ways to remove limescale and build up deposits of hard water.

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