Regular cleaning of the washing machine from scale is a guarantee for its long service life. Calculus affects the operation of the heater – it has to work harder to heat up.

How to remove scale from your washing machine?

There are different ways to remove scale from the washing machine. For traditional cleaning at home, you can trust: chemical descaling agent, vinegar, soda, dishwasher tablet.

Step 1: Choose a descaling agent

Depending on the chosen descaling agent from the washing machine, you need to install it as follows:

  • in the detergent tray – vinegar, chemical descaling agent;
  • in the drum of the washing machine – soda or dishwasher tablet.

Step 2: Start the washing program

Choose a washing program at 40 or 60 degrees. The machine must be idling (ie without clothes in it). Run the program.

Step 3: Rinse the washing machine

Once the washing program is over, run it again without descaling agent. This re-washing of the machine is done in order to remove all residual contaminants from the used detergents.

Why does hard water damage laundry?

The limescale deposits that subsequently form scale affect both the performance of the machine and the quality of the clothes washed. Indications for the presence of hard water are white spots on clothes, which are often seen after washing. In turn, limescale particles on clothes can cause skin irritation.

Prevent scale from forming in the washing machine forever

Taking care to protect your washing machine from scale can cost you too much time, effort and money. That is why it is important to get rid of this annoying problem, the main cause of which is hard water – SW1000 and SW2000 are the modern functional water softeners.

SW1000 and SW2000 neutralize limescale in the water and prevent the build-up of scale on the drum, the heating element, increasing the quality of the laundry and the efficient operation of the washing machine. With the SW1000 and SW2000 you save money that you would otherwise invest in the purchase of various descaling agents.

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